Sunday, April 24, 2011

Malo a' lele

Here is what has been happening within the past couple of days. Not a whole lot. Friday everything was closed because it was good firday so we decided to go to the island to get our tan on. It took us about an hour to walk to the port where we caught the boat to take us to the island, pongimotu. There isn’t a lot to do there and you can stay the night there but we’ve heard that it is infested with rats so we decided it would probably be best for our safety to just go for the day and not go anywhere near the bushes or buildings. The tide was high when we first got there and there wasn’t much beach, around 2 it started pouring and at first I thought I might be able to wait it out a bit but boy was I wrong it sprinkled then it poured. I couldn’t gather my things fast enough and shake the sand out of my towel without getting soaked. Yes it did feel good but after a while I was a little chilly and by this time covered in sand. We waited a while under this little palm tree hut until the showers passed then went back out into the sun. I did a bunch of reading and finished my book, Courtney you should be proud. Once 4 o’clock came around we were ready to get home, I didn’t want to burn. While we are in the boat we notice this one Tongan lady who had the longest nails and toe nails EVER. It was so nasty I had to keep myself from puking. Her big toe’s toenail was probably an inch and a half long and pointy it was so gross and her fingernails were just as long and pointy. I didn’t know how she walked and didn’t break those suckers. We get back to the port and start our long journey home; because it is Friday nothing is open so we had to find food to eat at the house, which wasn’t much. We ended up eating more Pringles and a few of these peanut butter crackers we had bought the day before.  We spent the majority of the evening watching tv until Drews nephews came over to watch rugby and by this time we were way too tired to stay awake so we went to bed. I’m still sitting on the couch finishing up my row of knitting and I hear this “OH MY GOSH LINDSEY HELP” and I run over and see this HUGE spider. These insects are obviously exposed to large doses of steroids because I have never seen a spider so big unless it was a tarantula. And if it were a tarantula I wouldn’t have been so afraid except for this sucker was so big and looked like a giant black widow. I don’t know if you know this but I really do not like spiders and Rach doesn’t either and she couldn’t even kill it. Thank goodness for my killing skill because I knew it was life or death and if I didn’t smash this spider no one else would. So I grab my shoe and very sneaky, sneak up on this little blood sucker and kill it. I was so scared it was horrible I swear if I ever seen another one of these I may have a heart attack. I don’t think the Tongans like you to kill bugs, the other day I was killing everything that came near me and one of the little kids sort of looked at me funny like I was doing something bad. But the more bugs I kill the less that will be around the house. Needless to say we went to bed very scared that night that we were going to be attacked by a spider on steroids. We didn’t do much today we needed a day away from the sun so we woke up and went for a run into town. We were told that we shouldn’t go too early and run on the main road due to all of the drunks that pass out alongside the road so it wouldn’t be too safe for us. We took the back roads. We made it to town and wanted to get breakfast and we tried two breakfast places and neither of them had bagels. I had a fruit salad and Rach had a breakfast burrito. It was nowhere near as good as the ones at home but I guess it made due. I ordered a lattĂ© before we left and it was so hot I could have had 2nd degree burns on my hands if it had not had a sleeve. I burnt my tongue it was that hot, and they don’t believe in iced beverages here. I ordered a small vanilla latte, it was 4 bucks and in an 8oz cup and tasted more like a mocha. It wasn’t too bad and if anyone knows me they know that it takes me FOREVER to finish a coffee. This coffee did last me almost all day but I had to quit drinking it so I could fall asleep tonight. We hung out at the cafĂ© for a while then decided to go to the market and look for some food to take home with us because there isn’t anything for us to eat at home and tomorrows Sunday so we cant go out and get anything. We walked all around town looking for a store to go into, oh and no one I mean no one knows the meaning of grocery store. One of the stores we went into we were looking for some draino and they had no clue what we were talking about, their response was “oh yeah you mean to drink, pop yes we have some.” No thank you. But we were unable to load up on our Pringles for the day, but maybe that’s a good thing. We ended up going to a market and buying some apples so I hope they are good and not infested with worms or something. We got home and decided that we are going to go out for pizza and decided to walk down to this little restaurant just down the street called little Italy. We sit down and order our family size Hawaiian pizza and a drink that will hopefully help us fall asleep faster. The pizza was amazing and we should not have ordered the family size because we now have pizza for days and I really hope it doesn’t end up tasting like meat. Oh yes on a side note let me tell you about this meat issue. The refrigerator and freezer has meat all over the place and it is so bloody it drips everywhere and our freezer thinks it’s a refrigerator its so warm its gross. So anything we put into the fridge comes out tasting like rotten meat. Oh yeah while we are on that note everything here smells like warm rotten meat it’s nasty. We filled our water bottles up the other day from the filtered water in the fridge and I swear some of the blood dripped into it and contaminated it because when we drank the water it was  like drinking uncooked meat. Nasty. I have to hold my breath every time I go in to get anything out of the freezer or fridge. But anyways after dinner we decided to get two Heinekens to drink on our walk back home and I’m carrying this HUGE family pizza in the box and rach wants the camera so I set my beer on top of the box and feel like I’m doing a great job at balancing everything until all of a sudden the beer spills and spills all over me, my dress soaked, it was horrible. I was however able to save half my beer. At least it made for a funny moment. I don’t know why I’m here to teach English when I should be here to teach drivers ed. I swear its like a game to see how many pedestrians they can hit. We have been hit almost a dozen times and almost backed over. It’s horrible. Maybe its because they drive on the other side of the road and car so it’s hard to tell the distance but still if the road is wide open and you see someone walking you would think “common sense” that you would sort of move over and give the people walking some room. Nope not here, it’s let’s see how close we can get to the people without actually hitting them. You can actually feel the car brush up against you. Hopefully I don’t end up hit by a car before I come home. Well I think that’s about all that’s been going on. Hopefully I don’t see anymore huge bugs. Until next time malo. 

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