Friday, April 15, 2011

Last few days :(

Thursday we hung out at the hotel and of course woke up for our daily run on the beach. Oh except this time instead of waking up at a reasonable hour we woke up at 5:30 am. I’m laying in bed because it is still dark out and I’m thinking to myself man its early and I didn’t want to turn the tv on because I was sure Rach was still sleeping, then I hear “are you awake” and I’m like oh my gosh yes you are too!? Thank goodness for nickelodeon, we watched the rugrats and this other show that I can’t remember the name but it was those porcupine creatures. This brought back many memories and we talked about all of the AWESOME cartoons we used to watch and wish they were still on. Cartoons when we were little were WAY better then what they are now. I mean if they were still on I’m sure I’d be watching them pretty often. So anyways we go on our run then eat our delish breakfast of freshly scrambled eggs and fresh fruit. It is a way better choice to get the scrambled eggs then it is to get the ones they’ve already made, those don’t look very good, they are sitting in liquid and are a sort of orange/pink color I’d say. Yuck. We decided that it might be fun to do the water aerobics today at 10:30 so around 10:20ish we go to the pool and are there waiting for quite some time I’d say and no one shows up so we thought well we might as well leave and go lay back in the sun. Go figure as soon as we get back to our chairs the music starts with some Shania Twain, my favorite and the aerobics start. I’m lathering on my spf every 10 minutes it seems so I don’t get burnt again I had to go out and buy a small bottle of 45 from one of the little shops and it was so expensive it was like 14 bucks for a bottle the size of umm let’s see… let’s just say it’s only 4oz. I hate when hotels rip you off!  So after a couple hours of laying in the sun we decided to do a little shopping and we had heard that downtown Nadi was pretty cheap. We decided to take the bus into town because it was only 1 dolla instead of 10ish and as we are sitting at the bus stop one of the hotel workers just got off work and was waiting for the staff shuttle and gave us a few tips about going into the town and what bus we need to catch to get there and back. He was very nice and was talking about the types of shops they had in town and the people. He said we needed to watch out because there were a bunch of hookers. Immediately rach and I look at each other in terror and think “oh my gosh what are we getting ourselves into, maybe we shouldn’t go to town” apparently Fiji people and American people have very different definitions of hookers. Hookers here are like venders who try to get you to buy their products, well I guess the definition is the same just the products are different. Anyways, instead of waiting for the bus he tell us we can take the staff taxi with a couple other workers into town for 1 dolla. It was very nice of him, we were a little unsure about where we were going to be catching the bus home, the girl sitting next to me told us she would show us were to go. Alright we made it to town. Humm what can I say about the town, there were a lot of people, and a lot of shops with SO many random things in them. We went into a few shops and found a few good trinkets, then we started getting farther into town and we had already been warned about the hookers and some of the people to stay away from but “it’s a very safe town” so after this one guy shook our hands and tried to get us to go into his store, and this little old lady with no teeth who stood about to my shoulder tried to get money from us we decided it was time to turn around and book it back to the more “touristy” area.  After going into a couple stores that carried the same thing we decided it was about time to go home and get ready for dinner.  As we are walking back to the bus stop we decided to go into a grocery store to get some snacks for the next day and we walk into one and turn around immediately it was SO gross and humid inside we couldn’t even go in 2 feet. Thankgoodness there was another one right next to it. It too was very humid we couldn’t breath, and it smelled. We got our Pringles which we have practically been living off of, the salt and vinegar and the cheddar. We also got some apples to be a little healthy. Oh I almost forgot while we were in one of the stores we bought some Fiji water, yes it taste that much better drinking Fiji water in Fiji, but anyways we got a 1.5 liter bottle of water for $2.80 when we had to pay like 8 bucks the other day at the hotel we thought we were getting a steal! So just as we get back to the bus stop the bus comes and we think “YES we can get out of here!” no, we waited for like 20 min before even leaving and it was so muggy you don’t even know.  Finally we are on our way and before the bus stops it goes to the port where there is more shopping and restaurants and we decide to get off and share the nachos from Hard Rock for dinner. Bad choice they were horrible! While we are waiting we are trying to think of something to do on our last day and rach goes over to this information stand with lots of activities. She comes back with this awesome deal where we would get to go on a free day trip to an island with all these awesome activities included and the only catch is is that we would have to sit through a 90 min promotion deal. Hummm where have I heard this before…. Anyways she comes back and tells me all about it, pumps me up and we get super excited to go on this free trip. That is until I go in to get more information. Why do I have to be the one with the bad news?? The nice lady goes through the details and I show my interest then she asks when we could do the promotion thing and I tell her when and that we wanted to do the cruse tomorrow and she says yeah I’ll try to squeeze you in. I just have a couple questions…are either of you 25…shoot I’m short a couple years maybe they wont ask for id? But I do the honest thing and say no not yet…thank goodness. And bummer our free day to an island is shot. Apparently you have to be 25 to attend and make over 65k a year. HA no way jose not this kid, not yet. I tried to make her a deal and tell her my parents are interested and we would take the information back to them and stuff, but she didn’t go for it. Speaking of being interested in property we were looking at a couple listings, yeah mom and dad get ready for my sales pitch. The amount of property around here with nice houses next to the water is SO cheap! You couldn’t even buy a 3 bedroom house for these prices, especially in hood river. So come on people if anyone wants to go in on it we could arrange a deal. Where was I…oh yeah dinner being horrible, we had like 6 chips each and called it quits and went back to the hotel to prepare for tomorrow.

Hello all it is our last night here and we are pretty bummed. Today we went to this other beach at a hotel about an hour and 20 minutes away. Oh yes again today we woke up at 6am wide awake ready for the day so we go on our run and then to breakfast I had fresh fruit and an omelet and coffee with brown sugar. They don’t use regular sugar in their coffee and I must say it is pretty tasty. After breakfast we got our things together for our long day. We get in our taxi and are on our way. This was probably one of the worst drives and taxi drivers ever. We could not understand a word of his gibberish let alone could he understand us. There were a couple things we asked him and got back a way different answer. So we then decided not to ask any questions at all and when he tried to talk to us we had to have him repeat things like 5 times just to make out 2 of the words to get the just of what he was saying. It was stressful and is stressful having to think about it again. But we get to where we are going and it was a beautiful resort in the middle of nowhere. At least the sand was a pretty color and the water was sort of clear. Lucky for us the tide was out today and so there wasn’t any clear water. Great a whole day pretty much shot. We did make the best of it, this whole time I thought we were going to get kicked out because we were using their pool and stuff and were not even guests. I felt like we were walking around with huge signs saying “imposters” but don’t worry things were fine. There was a point when we were on the beach when I had to go take cover from the burning sun. We got a very refreshing pineapple popsicle and were on our way home. So remember our driver who didn’t know English well he wasn’t the greatest driver. I felt as if I was a bobble head the roads were so smooth; between the millions of potholes and swerving I’m surprised I didn’t get carsick. Courtney you’ll enjoy this, apparently they don’t believe in country music down here so all I’ve been listening to is rap and all of that stuff and Courtney that bow chica song comes on like every 6 minutes along with lika g-6. Our drive was pretty nice besides the whole car and driver issue, it is very green down here and a lot of trees and hills. We passed a bunch of sugar plantations and sad dogs the size of cats pretty much. Every cow or horse we saw was tied up along side the road, it was pretty sad. Once we got home we did a little walking around the hotel then got ready to go back to the port for our last dinner. I was so disappointed with my dinner, I ordered the fish and chips and they were not very good, and the tarter sauce was pretty much just mayo it was yucky. The nice thing about where we ate was the location; we were right on the pier overlooking the calm water. There was live music being played so that made up for the lack of good food. On our way back to catch our cab we stopped and watched these fire dancers they were pretty good. Well that’s about it I better get to bed I’m pretty nervous about leaving and very sad to leave this place. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post next so I miss you all and I’m sure my next post will be just as long if not longer. 

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  1. It sounds like you keep getting stuck with gross food. Super bummer! I always have the best luck going to kind of hole in the wall local places that don't serve American food (all of attempts to enjoy American food while traveling to Mexico and elsewhere have just been awful). I would definitely suggest asking the people who work at the hotel or the cab drivers or other local people for suggestions of their favorite restaurant and maybe you can get something decent to eat! Other than that it sounds like you're having a blast! I'm super jealous! Have fun, lady!